Jaap Delange


Has been advancing (novelty) medical technology in the global marketplace for over 30 years, with 5 major start-ups and numerous successful product launches and executive assignments on every continent in specialties ranging from surgical, orthopedic, aesthetic, ENT, Urology to Pharmaceuticals. Medical background and formal education in international business, law and marketing, with demonstrated ability as cross-functional leader in diverse functional areas including corporate sales, marketing, business development, regulatory affairs, funding (Financing/VC) and general management (incl. finance and H.R.). Global perspective with broad international experience (all continents) and a passion for the medical device industry.

Hans Martin Dahl Aguilera Ph.D

Technical Director

Hans Martin Aguilera, PhD, is a biomechanical engineer with a specialized background in heart valve mechanics and simulated heart-surgeries. During his PhD, Hans Martin gained in-depth knowledge in open heart surgery techniques, closely observing and understanding the limitations of existing surgical tools like the Finochietto retractor. His research focused on patient-specific modeling of regurgitant mitral valves using finite element analysis, leading to numerous influential publications. Hans Martin further has experience as a structural analyst in the oil-industry and life science VC.


“You have the technology, why don’t you make a retractor for heart-surgery?”

Advisory board

Key medical and med-tech professionals have been engaged in VA Medical’s advisory board

Dr. Kjell Saatvedt

Consultant cardiac surgeon Ph.D.

Thoraxsurgical dep. Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo.

  • 30 years of experience in all kind of complex cardiac surgery, including neonatal pediatric cardiac surgery, transplantation (heart and lung), assist devices and complex GUCH patients.
  • Has operated over 6000 open heart cases
  • 50 scientific papers published

“Very impressive, we should run clinical trials”

Ph.D Kurt Dasse

Clinical Professor of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery University of Louisville School of Medicine, President at VADovations INC and CEO at Inspired Therapeutics

  • Physiologist with over 35 years in the medical device field
  • Serial entrepreneur (CEO) with two highly successful exits with market leading products worldwide
  • Designed and conducted eight successful clinical trials
  • Successful track record in obtaining regulatory approvals: 510(k) clearance, PMA, HDE, CE Mark
  • Currently CEO of Inspired Therapeutics and COO of VADovations
  • Clinical Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Bioengineering

“Your approach appears attractive and competitive”

Dr. Robert Persson

Cardiac Surgeon and Ph.D-candidate

  • Assisted in over 700 thorax surgical operations
  • Performed 100 operations independently
  • Robert have held 15 presentations on regional, national and international conferences and are often teaching for medical students, health workers and doctors
  • Robert is at present working on 5 publications

“This was impressive, it looks very promising”

Board of directors

Small management team, supported by a highly experienced board of directors

Øivind Resch

Chairman of the Board

A serial entrepreneur with vast experience in all elements of evolving a business venture from idea to production and commercialization in a global market.

Aslak Aslaksen

Board member

Investor and Lawyer, (Harvard Law School)
Strategy, Project Development, Legal advice, M&A, Corporate law.

Ulf Atle Hansen

Board member

An experienced CEO with an impressive track-record, managing and scaling companies. Strategy, sales, sustainability, B2B.

Terje Scheen

Board member

A car-mechanic and engine-engineer with comprehensive experience as a problem-solver with complex patents to his name.