Lommedalsveien 230
1353 Bærums Verk

Jaap Delange, CEO
+31 416 540 305

Øivind Resch, Chairman of the Board
+47 908 99 311

Viking Arm Medical AS (VAM) is a subsidiary of Viking Arm AS (VA) and shares the same founders.  VA has developed a tool which, after 3 years on the market, has been distributed in 37 countries. A Viking Arm tool is sold every 6 minutes, around the clock, all year round. (for more information, please visit www.vikingarm.com). 

Now, the visionary team behind VA is venturing into the realm of medical equipment. The founders have discovered surgical instruments that are antiquarian, but still in use in all hospitals globally. The first product that VAM will soon launch will replace a so-called Finochietto retractor (chest opener). Such chest openers are in use in all hospitals in the world. They have significant weaknesses and VAM has developed a 21st century version, which is technologically miles ahead of existing ones.