The design of current self-retaining retractors has seen minimal changes over the past century. Surgical procedures, such as open heart surgery, remain highly invasive and inflict significant trauma on patients. Evidence suggests that the existing technology can contribute to issues like broken ribs and infections.

VAM (Viking Arm Medical) has diligently identified and successfully addressed the inherent weaknesses of the current retractor design. Through extensive innovation, they have developed a groundbreaking, patentable design that surpasses the capabilities of both ‘Finochietto’ and table-mounted retractors. Consequently, this novel design holds tremendous promise for significantly enhancing patient outcomes, offering substantial benefits in the medical field.

VA Medical’s retractor
VA Medical’s retractor
19th century (current technology)
Typically used for rib retraction, thoracic surgery and spinal surgery
Current typical table mounted equipment used for abdominal surgery
21st century (VA Medical’s  retractor)
Applicable for rib retraction, thoracic surgery and spinal surgery
VAM’s table mounted retractor applicable for abdominal surgery

With clear advantages obtained: ease of operation, superior functionality and quick release, VA Medical has a clear path to market with a strong IP position

A sternal retractor is specifically designed to separate chest in thoracic surgery

Current retractor technology
Area of application
Current retractor technology
Area of application

Beyond all necessary features in accordance to former technology, the VA Medical retractor is further improved

Standard retraction feature

VA Medical unique feature

Current retractor technologyVA Medical retractor
Easy to sterilize
Easy to operate
Load control with linear relationship
between force exerted and retraction
Lateral forces
Fine tuning of retraction distance
Control over retraction speed/ tissue pressure
Disposable components for dexterity and ease of cleaning

With a new set of features, the VA Medical retractor offers surgical precision and safety to the retraction procedure

The VAM retractor platform can be modified for several alternative applications beyond traditional Thoracic surgery

Rib retraction

Spinal surgery /
ventral access

Abdominal surgery

Due to the system’s  flexibility, with the development of dedicated accessoiries, the VAM retractor is designed for several types of invasive surgical procedures

VAM retractor accessories

Retractor Arms

  • Exchangable
  • ‘Klick-on’ system
  • 3 sets / sizes